• GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
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GOTS certification

What is the GOTS certification?


Can fashion ever be sustainable? Not in the conventional way of thinking, but we can take precautions to make the production of clothes as sustainable as possible. GOTS is certified organic cotton in organic fibers that holds factories and brands to the strictest environmental and social criteria. It is a good indicator of sustainable fashion.
As part of our sustainable DNA, BY GARMENT MAKERS has a uniform GOTS certification, and we only use European GOTS certified suppliers. This high standard certification of clothing is not a one-time approval but is evaluated and verified once a year by an independent certification organization. This keeps us aware of constantly producing clothes leaving as little harm as possible on nature and people in its creation.
A significant part of GOTS is that it makes strict requirements for documentation. The entire chain is subject to a line of strict criteria to ensure safety for the consumer and the garment workers. To explain the GOTS certification shortly, GOTS looks at the environmental and social aspects of production – processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution of textiles.

GOTS - the golden star of organic


The GOTS certification creates transparency for consumers wishing to be more conscious about their purchases, buying more sustainable clothes and knowing that “ecological cotton” does not necessarily mean sustainability through the entire supply chain. GOTS can be used to track a product from start to finish. With the GOTS label inside the products, you can see the producer’s name, which ensures of their GOTS certification.
BY GAMENT MAKERS chose to get the certification to provide our customers with the most ethical and sustainable products possible. The organic cotton in BY GARMENT MAKERS’ basic menswear is grown under as natural conditions as possible, ensuring longer and less delicate fibers. Organic cotton has stronger fibers and easier retains its shape after stretching and washing, making it a long-lasting fabric. Today, many brands label an organic standard, although not all textiles are produced with a particularly high percentage of organic cotton.
The “organic cotton” label may actually mean that the finished product consists of no more than 10 % organic cotton. In comparison, a GOTS certification guarantees you a minimum of 70 % organic cotton.

Partners with sustainable minds


Every single step in the manufacturing must be GOTS certified, all the way from the processing of fibers to the company that sells the product.
We cooperate with the best factories and people in the world that opt out of the “conventional” fashion business and share our mission of changing the fashion industry for the better.

• No toxic chemicals
• No child labor
• Restricted working hours and compensation
   for working more than 8 hours a day
• Fair wages and holiday agreement
• Strict demands on environmental aspects
• Health and safety guidelines

Organic farming


Farmers must also be certified according to international organic farming standards.
Aiming for environmental sustainability, GOTS standard practices avoid all harmful chemicals. The cottons are grown without the use of pesticides from seeds that have not been genetically modified. Chemical-free agricultural land stays fertile much longer than hampered land, giving organic farmers a longer cotton commodity lifespan. Not to mention, the workers can live under healthier conditions with clean water and food supplies.
The GOTS certification is of great importance to obtaining sustainable clothing. It is crucial to us that our suppliers are also GOTS certified suppliers, as we always use GOTS certified organic cotton in our collections.



All our products are made with 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton and 100% organic wool, and several of our styles have 2 % stretch for even more comfort.
Our collection also contains products in organic linen. Some of the fabrics are mixed but we always use organic fibers.
Even the dye technology we use in the production is GOTS certified, which means we use 70 % less chemicals compared to regular clothing production.
We honor GOTS for helping the fashion industry ensure safe and healthy products for workers, consumers and the planet.

Stay sustainable!