• GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
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Ethical and sustainable clothes

At BY GARMENT MAKERS, we believe in challenging the ethical fashion business and aim to deliver sustainable menswear clothing in high quality for affordable prices.

Our entire menswear fashion collection is purely made of organic clothes and has been produced ethically and responsibly within good working conditions. All our products are certified by GOTS.

GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world's leading textile standard. All products marked with GOTS are produced under a high level of environmental standards throughout the entire manufacturing chain.

Furthermore, we only cooperate with factories and suppliers who have achieved this very standard and, in addition, are practising the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Noah Knit Vest GOTS / GM311204 - Hazelnut


The Organic Waffle Knit GOTS / GM331201 - Beaver


Skipper GOTS / GM331202 - Jet Black


Skipper GOTS / GM331202 - Ebony Brown


Leo Knit GOTS / GM331203 - Ebony Brown


Leo Knit GOTS / GM331203 - Navy Blazer


Noah Knit Vest GOTS / GM331204 - Jet Black


Lester Half Zip Knit GOTS / GM331206 - Jet Black


Knits made of organic cotton

Due to the high standards set by GOTS, all cotton knits by BY GARMENT MAKERS are made of pure organic cotton, grown without any use of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. The same as when manufacturing an organic cotton fabric.

The advantages of not using chemicals during the cultivation and manufacturing processes are among others, that the threads of the cotton remain undamaged, which is a desirable benefit throughout the knitting process as well as the comfort levels of the final garment.

The organic approach makes the knits soft, smooth to your skin and less receptive towards pilling and other forms of wear and tear.

Organic wool in knits

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