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Adam / GM111010 - Sage Green


The Organic Tee / GM991001 - Marshmallow


The Organic Sweatshirt / GM991101 - Light Grey


The Organic Hood Sweatshirt - Jones / GM991102 - Navy Blazer


The Organic Chino Pants / GM991401 - Navy Blazer


Gordon / GM111104 - Navy Blazer


Adam / GM111010 - Dark Blue


The Organic Linen Shirt - Bruce Mandarin / GM111302 - Navy Blazer


The Organic Linen Shirt - Bruce Mandarin / GM111302 - Marshmallow


Bruce Striped Mandarin / GM111311 - Light Blue


Valde SS / GM111308 - Navy


Valde / GM111307 - Navy




Sustainable European production

At BY GARMENT MAKERS we believe in sustainable and ethical fashion. For that reason, we have consciously chosen to break away from the ‘fast fashion’ business model, as it is encouraging over-consumption and generating excessive waste of clothes. Instead, we aim to focus our attention of slow, ethical and sustainable fashion by designing contemporary styles with extra focus on basics combined with fashionable long-lasting items.


We are aware of the importance of the increasing environmental problems the world is facing and we have taken our consequences. All our sustainable menswear must be made ethically and only from European organic production to avoid unnecessary long transport, which is one of the major and most significant environmental challenges.


Having the entire manufacturing chain placed on the same continent is not just an environmental benefit but it also enables us to remain in close contact and have daily communications with all...Read More