CSR and sustainability

CSR & sustainability

What is CSR?


CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is the term used for companies' efforts to integrate social and environmental considerations into their business activities and interactions with stakeholders - the company's social responsibility. Companies with CSR practices must be financially viable, have a positive impact on society, and respect and preserve the environment. There is no "one way" to practice CSR. Today, it is more about integrating CSR practices into your business in a way that aligns with your brand DNA - embracing what you do and who you are. In many factories in the fashion industry, people still work long hours, often underpaid, under undignified conditions, and are often poor, young, and uneducated.



At BY GARMENT MAKERS, the working conditions of clothing manufacturers are of great importance. At BY GARMENT MAKERS, we feel committed to our clothing manufacturers. We visit our production facilities regularly to ensure that workers are well taken care of in terms of their working conditions and general welfare. The carefully selected factories produce ethically, responsibly made clothing under safe and healthy working conditions and pay clothing manufacturers legal wages. To stay true to BY GARMENT MAKERS' fundamental principles and to ensure that all our suppliers are socially responsible, we invested in achieving the highest standard of certification in fashion, GOTS.

Slow fashion & Quality


Our focus on high quality and durable products is another approach to environmental thinking - creating 'slow fashion', fashion that lasts and can be used for multiple seasons. 'Slow fashion' is the movement of designing, creating, and purchasing high quality, long-lasting clothing. It encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower CO2 emissions, and minimal waste.

GOTS certification


The GOTS certification requires the strictest environmental and social guidelines from factories and brands for organic fibers, certifying every stage of clothing production, from the cultivation and harvesting of organic cotton to the clothing reaching customers. Learn more about our GOTS certification.

Less harmful clothing


At BY GARMENT MAKERS, we believe that the future requires a different and better mindset from all of us. Consumers should view fashion and the choices we make within fashion as an environmental and social responsibility to create a cleaner environment.

Make the right choices


BY GARMENT MAKERS recommends that you sell your used BY GARMENT MAKERS clothing to thrift stores or give it away to people who need it more. Creating and buying ethical clothing is a collective responsibility. Making a conscious decision to purchase sustainable men's clothing will have a significant impact on the planet and its people.

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