• GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
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Sustainable t-shirts with GOTS certification

At BY GARMENT MAKERS we believe in sustainability and ethical fashion. To fulfill that ambition our entire sustainable menswear collection is exclusively consisting of organic clothes all marked with the GOTS certification (Global organic textile standard).

Products, with a GOTS certification, are produced at a high level of environmental standards throughout the whole production chain, from harvesting of the raw materials through to manufacturing and packaging.

GOTS is also your assurance of sustainable clothes which has been produced ethically and responsibly within good working conditions.

By choosing sustainable t-shirts, you will experience a high quality of raw materials; all organically sourced being evident in our production and the use of these organic fabrics only. Organically grown fibers are used to create sustainable t-shirts in organic cotton. Needless to say, the organic cotton is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, which protects natural resources, as well as the people who farm, process and work with the cotton.

The Organic Tee GOTS / GM991001 - Jet Black


The Organic Tee GOTS / GM991001 - Marshmallow


The Organic Tee GOTS / GM991001 - Navy Blazer


The Organic Tee GOTS / GM991001 - White


The Organic Tee GOTS / GM331001 - Ebony Brown


Scott Striped Tee GOTS / GM331002 - Beaver


The Organic Tee LS GOTS / GM331107 - Marshmallow


The Organic Tee LS GOTS / GM331107 - Jet Black


The Organic Tee LS GOTS / GM331107 - Ebony Brown


Basic t-shirts

When producing t-shirts, organic cotton is our most important raw material by volume.

In addition, the use of organic cotton fabrics in textile production is an environmental benefit as it ensures the organic clothing last longer.

Basic styles are one of best options to increase longevity, as basics rarely go out of fashion after one season. This can be one of the fundamental reasons for a consumer to discard a piece of clothing.

By supporting the ‘slow fashion’ business model, you refused to be a part of the rapid growth of over-consumption and meaningless waste which follow the common fashion industry.

At BY GARMENT MAKERS, we have a various selection of basic organic t-shirts and the legendary o-neck t-shirt with shorts sleeves is always to be found in black, navy, white and grey mélange.

Printed t-shirts

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